Thursday, February 3, 2011

DIY Dwell

Dwell Studio has the best prints.  Their art, pillows, bedding, toys....everything is AMAZING.  But lets face it, it's not cheap. 

Target does have some great Dwell bedding  and pillows.  We recently snagged up the Mandala Coverlet, which looks great in our guest bedroom.  I love the fresh yellow and pale greys.

DwellStudio® for Target®...

DwellStudio® for Target® Andalucia Decorative Pillow 

(I think we need a few of these throw pillows to complete the room)

Most recently I have been eyeing all things 'wall coverings' on Dwell Studio's website, I love these simplistic pieces of art which will run you $120+  I have kept an inspiration list for the past few months and the piece below was the first "inspiration" piece I attempted.

Here is the result, it was actually pretty simple.  I re-purposed an old canvas I had used on an Asian inspired piece about 8 yrs ago (don't ask) but if you need a blank canvas, you can get one 50% off pretty much any week at Michaels or JoAnn.

I used our leftover interior wall paint  (mixed it into the 4 shades of grey), this allowed me to mix larger batches of paint, thus more consistency.  To achieve the straight lines, I laid painters tape (the blue stuff) over the background and...voolah, a Dwell inspired piece. 

I actually gave this one to my Mom for her new home for Christmas, but I plan on doing another version for our Living Room (stay posted).

Below are some more pieces that I would love to incorporate into our home!
These are my "nursery" inspired pieces that I definitely want to recreate (one day)

I heart this moma and baby deer! Too sweet!!!

and of course friends think I'm obsessed...maybe I am...We have been collecting bird cages, can't wait to find something to do with them...



  1. So crafty! I love the piece you made your mom! That little duck print is so sweet.

  2. The piece you made your mom looks great... but where did you find the original inspiration pieces? I can't find them on the Dwell website. I thought I would check how much they cost before spending $100 on materials to hack it.

  3. Hi - Dwell for Target is hard to find and I've been in search of their Mandala coverlet (gray yellow and white) for years. Preferably a King but i'll take whatever size i can find at htis point. You don't by chance happen to own it and want to sell it do you? Perhaps you've gotten tired of it or its in storage??

    Thanks its worth a shot. Please respond to, my name is Courtney. THX!